Dear Colleagues,

We are monitoring the situation closely in the hope that the pandemic will abate.

The conference organizers will wait till the end of March 2021 to frame a decision in the best interest of our attendees, speakers and partners.

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Italy again!

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The rapidly growing fields of Plasmonics and Nano-Photonics are opening new frontiers in nanoscience and advanced technologies via novel cross-disciplinary research activities. This symposium will be dedicated to discuss the most recent developments of Plasmonics and Nanophotonics in the fields of Quantum Effects, Topological Materials, Metamaterials and Life Science Applications. The world-renowned venue of the conference will facilitate contacts and scientific discussions between participants, with the goal to enhance the interaction between attendees and create a vibrant scientific event.


Plasmonic and Optical Metamaterials

Meta-Optics and Metasurfaces

Topological Materials for Photonics

Quantum Optics and Photonics

Non-Linear and Reconfigurable Metamaterials

Tunable Plasmonics

Active Quantum Nanoplasmonics

Plasmonics and Metamaterials for Life Science Applications

Thermo Plasmonics and Hot Electrons

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Photonics

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Prof. Hatice Altug
Prof. Harry Atwater
Prof. Federico Capasso
Prof. Nader Engheta
Prof. Evelyn Hu
Prof. Marin Soljacic

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Advincula R. (USA) - A. Faraon (USA) – A. Badolato (Canada) - G. Baffou (France) - P. Barois (France)  - A. Boltasseva (USA) - H. Caglayan (Finland) - F. Capolino (USA) - M. Celebrano (Italy) - G. N. Cerullo (Italy) - M. Correa-Duarte (Spain) - C. De Angelis (Italy) - F. De Angelis (Italy) – J. Garcia De Abajo (Spain) - V. Giannini (Spain) - M. Kauranen (Finland) - J. Khurgin (USA) - Y. Kivshar (Australia) - S. Maier (Germany) - O. M. Marago’ (Italy) - F. Monticone (USA) - B. Palpant (France) - R. Quidant (Spain) - V. M. Shalaev (USA) - S. Vignolini (UK) - Z. Wang (Cina) - R. Won (UK) - A. Zayats (UK) - N. I. Zheludev (UK & NTU Singapore)

to be confirmed: M. Berry (UK) - N. J. Halas (USA) - T. Liedl (Germany) - P. Nordlander (USA) - L. Novotny (Switzerland) - M. Rechstman (USA) - D. Smith (USA) - G. Wiederrecht (USA)


Grand Hotel San Michele - Cetraro (CS), Italy

NanoPlasm 2020 will be held in the 4-star "Grand Hotel San Michele" at Cetraro, Italy, from 15th to 19th of June 2020. Cetraro is an ancient sea hamlet with a millennium-old history located along the Tyrrhenian coastal track, known as the Riviera dei Cedri. The town which is known for its fishing and touristic harbor is the ideal place for a lunch with fish: here the typical speciality is the ¬Ěrosamarina (a newborn bluefish), exquisite delicacy longed for by tourists that come numerous to Cetraro, especially in the summer.
The hotel is located high on a 120 m cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. On a clear day you may see the Eolian islands. Situated just outside the township of Cetraro, the hotel is surrounded by an organic farm of 44 hectares that everyday provides the hotel with fresh organic food: fruits, vegetables, olive oil, wine, milk and cheese, daily laid eggs, lamb, veal and pork meat, home made jams and preserves. The golf course (9 holes, par 70), nicely landscaped among vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees, is provided with driving range, putting green and Club House. Inside, the hotel offers two restaurants and a breakfast room, while in nice weather one may enjoy breakfast and dinner on the two beautiful terraces overlooking the sea. The hotel possesses modern meeting facilities, a private Mediterranean beach for swimming and outdoor dining, golf course, vineyard and cellar, swimming pool, tennis court, bars and restaurants with complete meal services. For registered participants and their accompanying persons, the hotel offers a reduced rate per person that includes full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, receptions, and refreshments, and use of conference facilities. Spaces are also available for exhibits.


Conference Chairs


Prof. G. Strangi

Case Western Reserve University - USA

Prof. R. Bartolino

Centro Linceo dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and UNICAL-Italy

Prof. A. De Luca

University of Calabria - Italy

Local Organizing Committee

A. De Luca
L. Ricciardi
R. Caputo
M. La Deda
G. Palermo
R. Termine