Special Symposium on Metamaterials

It's hard to pick a date to mark as the birthday of the metamaterial adventure, but the publication of Victor Veselago, "The electrodynamics of substances with simultaneously negative values of  permittivity and permeability” [Soviet Physics Uspekhi, 10, 4, 1968] is as good as any, and may be better than most given that,  like most newborns, the birth was largely unnoticed except by the parent.

Besides, it gives an excuse to celebrate 50 years later the many people who contributed to arguably one of the the most successful scientific research area ever. At a time when even many of those who made the earliest advances are able to join.

We propose a celebratory symposium Metamaterials@50 to be held on June 12th 2018 during the Conference "Nanoplasm 2018” - during the symposium outstanding world renowned scientists will present dedicated lectures.

Prof. F. Capasso (Harvard University, USA), Prof. David R. Smith (Duke University, USA) and Prof. V. S. Shalaev (Purdue University, USA) will be the Plenary Speakers of the Symposium.

Metamaterials@50 will look both backwards at the successes of the Metamaterials research, and forward at its future.

Nanoplasm 2018 participants and others will attend the symposium on site and on-line, we are working hard to get very broad dissemination both in the moment (through a live stream) and after the fact (by recording all talks). It seems to us to be vital to document and celebrate the Metamaterials and the people who built it, and to transmit that knowledge to the next generation of young scientists.
Prof. Federico Capasso
(Harvard University, USA)

Prof. Vladimir S. Shalaev
(Purdue University, USA)

Prof. David R. Smith
(Duke University, USA)

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